Participate in body image focus group

Research has demonstrated that the rates of these eating and body image behaviors are increasing within these populations. The Eating Disorders and Body Image lab has been involved in several research projects in the past aimed at better understanding personal characteristics as well as family, peer, romantic partner, and other sociocultural influences that play significant roles in the lives of those struggling with these pertinent issues.

The research project aims to obtain information regarding what college students’ perceptions and knowledge of eating disorders and body image issues are as well as their beliefs about what information and potential resources might be most helpful to the public. It is imperative that we discover how college-aged students are making sense of these issues given their prevalence.

Our current research study will consist of focus group sessions with 6-8 participants per group, using a structured interview that encourages thought and discussion among participants. A graduate and undergraduate student from my research lab will be facilitating the focus groups. Check out the attached flyer.