The 3rd and 4th floor of the Library are closed to the public starting today, Feb. 4. Library staff will be retrieving these items for patrons, and this will continue throughout the Spring 2013 semester.

  • Library staff will be able to retrieve materials from 3rd and 4th floors for patrons during the evenings and on weekends when the library is open.
  • All oversize, media, and CMC materials will be open and available and so will not require staff intervention to retrieve materials. These materials will remain in their current locations on first and second floors of the library.

So how do I request these books?
Go to the library web page.
1. In the MnPals text box, search for a title, author, or subject, and then click Find.
2. In the results list, click the title that you wish to obtain to view the full record.
3. In the Request Item area, click Login.
4. In the Login dialog box, enter your username (your library bar code) and password (your last name), and then click Login.
5. Click Place Hold.

Wait for the email notifying you that the materials are ready to pick up and come to the MSUM library to check them out. This process will require a minimum of a 24-hour turn-around time.

Spring 2014 is the estimated completion date for the MSU Moorhead Library renovation project.