In order for renovation to occur on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Library, beginning Feb. 4, patrons will not be able to access these collections directly. Beginning Feb. 4, staff will be retrieving these items for patrons, and this will continue through the spring semester. These books will still be accessible after Feb. 4, but only through a pull service. More details about how to request these books is forthcoming.

All oversize, media, and CMC materials will be open and available and so will not require staff intervention to retrieve materials. These materials will remain in their current locations.

Faculty should encourage students to consider checking out any materials they may need later this semester from the 3rd and 4th floors before Feb. 4. The library will extend due dates on materials to accommodate project and paper assignment dates.

Faculty may want to consider checking out any materials they may need this semester from 3rd and 4th floors before February 4th. Beginning Feb. 4, we will retrieve materials for all patrons, but it may require a delay.