Comstock Union students and staff represent MSUM at regional conference

Students and staff from the Comstock Memorial Union attended the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Region 10 conference Nov. 1-3 at St. Cloud State University. The theme for this year’s ACUI Region 10 conference was “Foundations for Change.”

The conference provides an opportunity for students and staff from 26 regional institutions to share best practices, participate in activities, network, and learn from keynote speakers and education sessions. MSUM students who attended saw the experience as extremely valuable to their current positions and future careers.

Senior Juan Reyes, a creative communications assistant, said, “I have already started to apply some of the things I’ve learned from ACUI into my work. I took what I learned from the social media session to brainstorm with my co-worker on new ways to get popularity on all of our social media sites that we manage. We’ve already come up with some great ideas and we are excited to get them going.”

Following the conference, senior Heather Johnson said, “I will be more open-minded and confident to suggest new and different ideas for doing things in the CMU.” Johnson serves as an administrative assistant and a building manager in the union.

This year, Braden Kuznia, Assistant Director for Event Services, co-presented a session about event planning with Bob Klackner to share best practices related to technology, communication, and planning strategies that balance student use of busy spaces.

Additionally, Kuznia received the region’s highest honor, the Siggelkow-Starr Award. “I was caught totally off guard when my name was called, but feel honored and humbled to be considered in the same league as those who have won this award before me,” Kuznia said.

The Siggelkow-Starr Award is presented to a student or staff member who has made an outstanding contribution to and exhibited exception leadership within ACUI Region 10. It is awarded annually to a person who has had a significant impact on the development and quality of the region’s programs and activities.