A two-year $262,000 grant was recently awarded from the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program to co-PIs Tim Harms (Mathematics) and Alison Wallace (Biosciences). Senior personnel include: Linda Houts-Smith (Languages and Cultures), Richard Lahti (Chemistry; Physics and Astronomy), Steve Lindaas (Physics and Astronomy), and Teresa Shume (School of Teaching and Learning). The primary goal of this capacity building grant is the development of four innovative 5-year dual STEM teacher licensure programs to address the needs of school districts in our region: math/physics; life science/chemistry; math/ESL; and life science/ESL.

Notable outcomes of this planning effort include:

  1. The establishment of strong partnerships with two-year institutions, regional service cooperatives, and local school districts
  2. The development and piloting of a recruitment plan for STEM majors to consider teaching
  3. The design of mentoring, administration, and evaluation plans with the expectation of our submission of a five-year phase I teacher scholarship proposal in 2014