Five Social Work Students are participating in a project at Bennett Park Coop in Moorhead.

Nicole Keegan is doing her internship at Bennett Park Coop under the supervision of Joan Backman, site manager and Joe Bennett. Through her internship she will become familiar with the non-profit coop and its mission of all residents becoming owners of the coop and owning their remanufactured homes. Mauri Gonsorowski, Kayla Kubischta, Brittney Odberg and Ryan McGillivray, are doing a service learning project with Bennett Park 
Coop. They will be helping eligible residents purchase their homes as their 18-month leases expire. These five students will meet with the residents and see if they meet the required 610 credit rating or higher; if they do not meet the required credit rating the students will assist the residents in getting their financials in order and set up communication with the Village to assist the residents with their finances in order to attain their goal of purchasing their homes.