Allan Branstiter, an MSUM senior History major from Cooperstown, N.D., won the Society of Military History Prize for the best paper in history by an undergraduate student, and the First Division Association Prize at the Northern Great Plains Conference, held in Grand Forks, N.D., earlier this month.

Branstiter’s work about confederate diplomacy and the Palmerston government of Great Britain was extremely well received, according to Paul Harris, History. “We can be very proud of all three of the department’s students who presented—Allan, Spencer McGrew and Joel Drevlow,” Harris said. The three History students participated in a session on British Military History chaired by MSUM professor Margaret Sankey.

The University of North Dakota hosted the 45th annual regional history conference. The conference hosts scholars working in a variety of fields, including those interested in European, Asian, African, Canadian, and American history. The Society for Military History also met at the conference.

The $200 prize won by Branstiter was co-sponsored by the Cantigny First Division Museum in Wheaton, Ill.