Environmental fee funding requests now being accepted

The Sustainable Campus Initiative Committee (SCIC) has identified funds that are now available for initiatives that support the university’s move towards a more environmentally sustainable future. The purpose of the environmental fee is to fund the promotion and development of sustainable practices in the consumption of resources and the use of energy on the MSUM campus. Funds will be allocated for programs and/or activities that involve and impact the largest number of students, faculty, and staff. It is the responsibility of the individuals requesting funds to provide as much information as possible when seeking support. In addition, supporting materials should be attached to all requests to better define activities, functions, programs and budgets. Below, please find specific criteria, which should be reviewed prior to submitting requests.

Fundable Initiatives

  • Student initiatives will be given first consideration
  • Promotional efforts towards marketing of the Sustainable Campus Initiative
  • The development of educational programs in the area of environmental sustainability
  • Equipment that meets and/or exceeds the University’s environmental compliance goals
  • Travel allocations to students and student organizations whose travel aids in completion of identified SCIC initiatives
  • Projects and programs that focus on environmental sustainability

Non-Fundable Initiatives

  • Department specific initiatives, equipment or travel
  • Programs and projects dedicated specifically to faculty and/or staff
  • Projects that do not focus on environmental sustainability or meet the SCIC mission

Funding Request Procedure

  • Requesting party needs to fill out and submit a Sustainable Campus Initiative Committee Funding Request form 30 days prior to expected date. Forms are available at the SCIC website located at http://www.mnstate.edu/sci.
  • Send the completed funding request application and supporting materials to scic@mnstate.edu. Funding requests must be submitted by April 1, 2010 for consideration during the current fiscal year. Requests will be reviewed as they are received while classes are in session pending available funds.
  • The requesting party may be asked to attend the next regular SCIC meeting to support the request and answer questions.
  • The SCIC will vote and, if approved, will forward the request onto the Vice President of Student Affairs for approval. If the request is not approved, the requesting party will be notified and an explanation given.
  • If approved by all parties, the requesting party will be notified of the funding provided and process through which funds will be allocated.

Any questions should be sent to scic@mnstate.edu

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