The Advising Committee announces the winners of the student-nominated Advising Awards. The winners from each college are:

College of Arts and Humanities: Denise Gorsline

College of Business and Industry: Wayne Gudmundson

College of Education and Human Services: Coleen Roller

College of Social and Natural Sciences: Lee Vigilant

We extend our congratulations to all who were nominated, both faculty and staff:

Robin Allebach

Thomas Anstadt

Jan Atchison

Brad Bachmeier

Anita Bender

Ken Bertolini

Deanne Borgeson (2)

Dan Brekke

Ellen Brisch

Andrew Conteh

Keri DeSutter

Mary Dosch

Mary Drake

Gary Edvenson

Kirsti Fleming

Wendy Frappier

Peter Geib

Deneen Gilmour

Stephen Hamrick

Helen Harris

Barbara Herbranson

Theresa Hest

Sue Humphers-Ginther

Craig Jasperse

Lori Johnson

Elizabeth Kirchoff

Paul Kramer

Ok-hee Lee

Lana Leishman

Steve Lindaas

Ruth Lumb

Michael Michlovic

Kirk Moss (2)

Mary O’Reilly-Seim

Jim Park

Margaret Potter

Hazel Retzlaff

Mike Ruth

Kris Vossler

Chris Walla

Kenyon Williams

Kathryn Wise