Would you like to learn more about using Microsoft software programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Access or learn more about web design, digital photography or Photoshop? MSUM employees and students have full access to over 700 online training courses at lynda.com to help develop software skills, learn digital tools and techniques and apply these new skills to help advance academic or career goals.

How to access lynda.com:

To access the MSUM portal at lynda.com and start learning from any campus computer, go to iplogin.lynda.com and select a learning topic by subject or software title.

To access the MSUM portal at lynda.com from home or MSUM wireless connections, please note that you must use the MSUM VPN client. For instructions on installing and using the MSUM VPN client, go to

http://www.mnstate.edu/it/wireless/Index.shtml#MSUM_VPN_Client. To set up the MSUM VPN client for off-campus access to the MSUM portal at lynda.com, begin with Step 2: Install VPN Client Software #1 and go through Step 3.

Each time you wish to access the MSUM portal at lynda.com from home, you must first start the MSUM VPN client and authenticate with your MSUM email username(do not include @mnstate.edu) and password. Then go to iplogin.lynda.com and start learning!