Students: Do you do service events for your community? Are you actively involved in on-campus activities? Do you volunteer? Are you learning beyond your major with research, language studies, study abroad, or a second major or minor? Do you do all this and wish you would get recognized for your hard work? Do you wish you did any of the above things? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you should check out the Distinction in Engagement program, which is designed to Engage U.

Engage U exists to recognize and honor those students who serve our community and our campus, and expand their learning beyond their major. There are 6 categories for participation: Learning within the major, learning beyond the major, service within the University, service beyond the University, citizenship within the region, and citizenship beyond the region.

There are many tasks that fit into these categories. Some examples include completing an internship, a service-learning project, completing a double major or adding a minor, being a student leader, or being involved in a nonprofit organization in the community or region.

Anyone can participate. If you are a senior and don’t think you have time to do six activities look back through your college career and see if you have completed any of these categories. If you have, you can go back and get the signature from your advisor/mentor and then you can count that activity.

All details about forms and process are available on the Distinction in Engagement web site.

Students in the Colleges of Arts & Humanities, Education & Human Services, and Social & Natural Sciences can participate. The College of Business & Industry is not currently participating in Distinction in Engagement, but if students in that college have another major or a minor in a different college they can participate under the guidelines for that second major or minor.

The process to participate is simple:
Step 1: Talk to Janet Haak (FF 153) and draw up a proposal, then have your advisor review and sign it.
Step 2: Do the activities on your proposal, and gather signatures for those
activities you’ve already completed.
Step 3: Write a reflection paper.
Step 4: Create a resume and have the Career Services Center review your resume and sign off on it.
Step 5: Gather signatures and hand everything in.
Step 6: Be recognized at Commencement ceremonies as a Graduate with Distinction in Engagement, and carry this title with you permanently on your MSUM transcript!

Here are some comments from past participants on how they found value by engaging in this program:
“It has helped me grow in ways that a classroom setting cannot allow for.”
“(The program) has given me the opportunity to stand out of the pack while applying to grad schools!”
“It has helped me develop the necessary skills I will use in my future
“This program has given me the opportunity to get real world experiences
before graduation.”
“It has helped me network with area professionals in my field.”
“It has given me more confidence.”
“This program has helped me develop my leadership ability.”

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to help your community, grow in ways you didn’t know you could, and stand out from the crowd. Make the commitment- Engage U.

For more information you can stop in the ARO, contact Janet Haak in FF 153 or at, or go to our website at

If you want to contact a student who is participating in the program, get in
touch with Alyssa Battles at