As many of you know, the Moorhead City Council and Mayoral Elections will be held Tuesday, November 3rd from 7AM – 8PM at your respective polling locations. In order for our MSUM campus to have any impact on Moorhead City Council decisions, we need to get on-campus students voting in local government elections.

Our local representatives have ignored us for too long… Save for when they need a large facility and large population of hard working people to save them from the river.  Students are a part of this city. Decisions made by our representatives affect us just as much as they affect everyone else.

It’s time we changed things. It’s time we make our representatives represent us. Dragons matter, and it’s time we let the city know. Vote November 3rd.

Please inform on campus students that they CAN VOTE! To vote, a resident must be living in Minnesota for only 20 days.

WHEN:  7:00AM to 8:00PM on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

WHERE: Grace United Methodist Church, 1120 17th St. S., Moorhead, MN 56560

ITEMS TO BRING: All you will need is your Dragon ID, and your Minnesota drivers license number OR social security number.

TRANSPORTATION: If you need a ride, Student Senate will be running buses all day.  One bus will be picking students up at the Nelson loop, the other will be running at the U-Lot in between the CMU and Lommen.

Visit DragonsMatter.Org to learn more.

About Us

Dragons Matter is a grass roots effort started by the students of Minnesota State University Moorhead. It was started with the intention of getting students involved in our community. Going forward, we intend to ensure that our campus is fairly represented in the local municipal government.  This is a very broad goal, and we will support every facet of it: Whether it be getting students informed about elections in non-federal election cycles,  or just making sure that students have a continued presence at city council meetings.

As Dragons, we know how much we matter to the community.  Unfortunately, in the past we have not done a great job of communicating this.  Help us change that this year.  Please call or e-mail us to get more information or to get involved!

Dragons Matter does not represent the opinions of the University or any other student organization, nor are we associated with any political candidates.

This notice is not circulated on behalf of any candidate.