MSU Moorhead offers unique opportunity for prospective students to interact with faculty and receive scholarship dollars

Fulfilling Our Promise in Your Neighborhood Minnesota State University Moorhead will be in the Twin Cities for its “Fulfilling Our Promise in Your Neighborhood” event. Prospective students and their families are invited to visit with university staff, professors and alumni, without having to leave their community. During the event we will offer a mock-classroom experience, provide on-site admission decisions, and […]

MSUM targets Twins Cities community colleges

Local university offers four bachelor’s degree programs at schools in the population center.

An explosion in community college enrollment in the Twin Cities promises to bolster numbers for Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Jessica Endres, one of three MSUM Admissions counselors in the Twin Cities, said MSUM’s growing presence in the population center is bringing attention to Moorhead.

MSUM offers four bachelor’s degree programs at community colleges in the Twin Cities that are gaining in popularity. Read Amy Dalrymple’s full Forum story by clicking the headline.