New Year’s (Body) Revolutions: Setting Radical Self-Love Goals for 2021 & Beyond

Join feminist and fat activist Melissa Gruver to set some radical self-love goals for 2021 and beyond! This virtual, interactive session on January 28 from 12-1:30 p.m. CST will allow participants to reflect on our experiences and relationships with our bodies, explore how fat-phobic and fat-positive concepts show up in our relationships to one another, and discover strategies for seeking liberation […]

From the Women’s Center Desk: Thoughts on Casual Fatphobia during the Pandemic

The recent pandemic has escalated casual fatphobia, particularly online, and the Women’s Center has created a resource to help our community fight back. While memes poke fun at pandemic weight gain, hashtags share damaging diet tips to lose the #quarantine15. While often meant as humor, these trends are fatphobic and damage our collective well-being and mental health. They amount to microaggressions and […]