New Director of the Honors Program and Center for Engaged Learning

I am happy to announce Dr. Erik Gooding is our new Director of the Honors Program and the Center for Engaged Learning. Erik is an anthropology professor in the Department of Anthropology and Earth Science. He will draw upon his experiences as a community engagement director for a local Indigenous non-profit, his recent four-year participation in a Bush Foundation Community Creativity Cohort, as well as his work as an anthropologist with local and regional groups. His current research focuses on the intersection of language and the culturally constructed social and environmental worlds of the Algonquian-speaking groups of the Midwestern Prairies (Meshkwaki, Thaaki, Kikapoo) and Indigenous language acquisition through the arts (Dakota/Lakota, Hidatsa). His goals for his first year include a review of the existing programs, developing new connections and strengthening existing community relationships, and initiating new opportunities for the MSUM community.

Robert Nava, Ph.D. (he/him/his)
Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dean of Graduate Studies

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