Physics Seminar — Hands-on Relativity with Dr. Robert Salgado

Please join us at 3PM on Friday, Apr 22 in HA325 or at the link below for a physics seminar by our very own Dr. Robert Salgado, who has extensive experience developing graphical, hands-on approaches to understanding relativity.

Title: Relativity on Rotated Graph Paper… You can count on it.

Abstract: We present visual calculations in special relativity using spacetime diagrams drawn on graph paper that has been rotated by 45 degrees. The rotated lines represent lightlike directions in Minkowski spacetime, and the boxes in the grid (called “light-clock diamonds”) represent units of measurement modeled on the ticks of an inertial observer’s light clock. We show that many quantitative results can be read off a spacetime diagram by counting boxes, using a minimal amount of algebra. In the talk, I’ll present a new introduction to the method. Rotated Graph paper will be provided.

Zoom info:

Meeting ID: 988 3843 5385
Passcode: 327673