Ed Leadership faculty survey is published on MREA website

Educational Leadership faculty Drs. Julie Swaggert, Ximena Suarez-Sousa, Boyd Bradbury, Mike Coquyt and Chris Mills submitted a survey to more than 1,000 Minnesota teachers in early April to assess a variety of areas related to moving to distance learning because of COVID-19. They answered questions about work-life balance, district support, concerns for students and families, and learning achievement. Their work is published on the Minnesota Rural Education Association website.

Among the key findings:  

  • Teaching from home with children at home (both pre-school and school age) is difficult and causes extra stress and worry.
  • Special education teachers feel more disrupted than any other group of teachers.
  • Overall, more experienced teachers feel more disrupted in their teaching than to younger teachers.
  • Internet access for students and staff continues to be an issue.  
  • Parent support is needed for student learning but is often lacking or parents have just given up.
  • Teachers feel confident in school leadership to lead through the COVID-19 crisis. 

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