Students involved in MSUM’s Campus News have worked together to create a special online edition of the newscast. Campus News normally airs on Prairie Public Television each year during the spring semester, but because of the pandemic and classes going online, the traditional production was forced to come to an end. Several students stepped up and volunteered to create stories using their phones, iPads, or whatever other video recording devices they had at hand. They interviewed friends, family, and coworkers about the impact of the pandemic. This stripped-down version of Campus News did not include professional microphones or other equipment, but was still able to tell stories of how different people and places are affected by the Coronavirus. Campus News is supervised by Dr. Aaron Quanbeck in the School of Communication and Journalism. The link to this online newscast can be found below.

Campus News COVID-19 Online Newscast

Even though we were not able to produce our typical newscast for Prairie Public Television the second half of the semester, students still found a way to tell stories. Many volunteered to be a part of this special online edition of Campus News where they showed the impact of the pandemic where they are at. This is very much a stripped down version of Campus News shot on phones, Ipads and other devices with no professional michrophones, but the students were still able to tell some great stories. Thanks to James McCarty, Marissa Shiock, Jordan Austen, John Hayes, Norah Vitali, Ty Schonert, and Jacob Ambrose for contributing stories for this newscast. You did a great job!

Posted by MSU Moorhead Campus News on Wednesday, May 13, 2020