Wednesday, April 29 | 2-3:30 p.m.

Please join us in celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month by attending this virtual seminar featuring Dr. Brian V. Xiong, who will speak about being a minority within another minority community, with a special focus on Hmong/Asian American LGBTQIA+ individuals and taboo issues related to mental health/healthcare areas.

The zoom link for the event is:

The first 20 people to reserve a spot on Dragon Central or Facebook and attend will receive a copy of Dr. Xiong’s book “A Clan of Our Own: The Coming out Experiences of Gay Hmong Men”!

Dr. Xiong is a Hmong scholar and researcher. who covers a wide variety of multidisciplinary studies, including Multicultural, Race & Ethnic Studies; Gender & Sexuality Studies, Critical Hmong Studies, and Diversity & Inclusion in Higher Education. His research is especially focused on LGBTQ Hmong and Hmong American Experiences. Dr. Xiong is a former Page, Wallin, Cornwell scholar and a former professor of Race and Ethnic Studies, Campus Diversity Officer, and Director of Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity.

This seminar is sponsored by MSUM Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Rainbow Dragon Center., and MSUM Women’s Center.