Over in Speech/Language/Hearing Sciences this month the MSUM chapter of NSSLHA had an event last week to create “Sibling Sacks” (“Sib Sacks” for short). “Sib Sacks” were created for children who come to our clinic and wait for their siblings to finish speech therapy. We wanted them to have something to look forward to when coming to the clinic. Each sack was created to encourage language and communication skills with fun and entertaining activities and books. Our NSSLHA chapter created six total bags: 0-2 yrs, 2-3 yrs, 3-4 yrs, 4-5yrs, 5-6 yrs, and 6+ yrs. We are also excited to have a sensory bag available to individuals with different sensory needs. Several children have used the “Sib Sacks” already, and they are a huge success!