Three tips for starting this semester out right

Grab a pen and notebook! Welcome back to a new semester. Hopefully you’re feeling fresh and well-rested. For our first blog back, we’ll just help you with some tips for succeeding this semester.

Stay organized

We know you’re probably feeling energized and are determined to stay organized (maybe it’s even your New Year’s Resolution) but we know how fast someone can get burnt out and abandon those goals. The hard part is staying organized, but it’s so much easier when you have a good start. 

For a good start, take out your syllabuses and write important dates in your planner. It’ll make using your planner easier, so if you stop writing in it later in the semester, you’ll still have the important due dates recorded.

Keep your work from different classes separated by using different folders and notebooks for each class. It might be tempting to throw your papers into your bag or whatever folder is easiest to grab when you’re in a rush, but it also makes finding those papers a lot harder. If you have trouble remembering what folder is for which class, try labeling them with tape.

Take advantage of campus resources

Issues with a computer/laptop? There’s a resource for that! Having trouble with a class? There’s a resource for that! Worried about scholarship, job, and graduate school applications? That’s right, there’s a resource for that!

MSUM has a variety of resources available on campus, so when you’re struggling you have somewhere to go. Don’t forget, professors (especially your advisor) are also a great resource. Click the links above to learn about some of the amazing resources that are provided so that when you need them, you know where to go!

Get involved with a student organization

If you aren’t involved with a student organization yet, this semester is the semester to do it! It is never too late to join an organization. Check out DragonCentral for a list of organizations and events to find what works for you! Make sure you log in to see everything.

While on DragonCentral, check out Pathways! They just started last semester, so they’re perfect for keeping track of your progress while you’re at MSUM. Bonus: If you complete a Pathway, you win a prize! For any questions about Pathways, check out our Pathways FAQs.

That’s it Dragons! Go and make this semester the best one yet!