Brian Wisenden and Donna Stockrahm, Biosciences Department, attended the joint meeting of The Wildlife Society and the American Fisheries Society in Reno, NV Sept. 29 – Oct. 4. Donna Stockrahm presented a poster entitled “Does a larger body size for painted turtles in Clay County, Minnesota increase chance of survival to following years?” The poster was co-authored by MSUM undergraduates Lahren Sandford and Madison Fladeland. Brian Wisenden co-authored a talk, given by Bailey Gillis, entitled “Does evolutionary naivete explain antipredator responses of the endangered Pahrump poolfish (Empetrichthys latos)?” Other co-authors on the talk were Cody Anderson (MSc candidate) and Craig Stockwell (faculty). Gillis, Anderson and Stockwell are all from NDSU.