Meet MSUM’s new assistant football coach, Jesse Currier. The football season has already taken off and he is excited to coach the interior defensive line and well as being the co-defense coordinator!

Start date: June 24, 2019

Q: What drew you to MSUM?
A: I’ve known Coach Laqua for quite a while. I was previously at South Dakota State and I was the recruiting coordinator there, so setting up camps and stuff. In the summer, we’d invite all the other area coaches to come to those camps and so I got to know him through that and then him and his staff, defensive staff, also came and visited once when I was there and talked football with him then. Getting to know the staff really drew me to MSUM. 

Q: What is one thing that surprised you about MSUM?
A: I would say the investment of the student athletes. Our guys in the football program are as committed as anybody I’ve ever been around and putting extra time on top of what the demands of playing college football already are. I’ve been really impressed with how committed and devoted to the sport they are.

Q: What energizes you at work?
A: I would say trying to put our student athletes in the best possible position for them to be successful and then watching that success, watching guys develop as people and as players, seeing the progression of us continue to get better.

Q: What is one thing that people don’t know about you?
A: Not a lot of people know that I sold insurance for two years!

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
A: To be able to read minds, especially of the offensive coordinator.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily, Coach Currier. We’re happy you are here!