Dr. Hong, Philosophy, gave four two-hour lectures at the Buddhist Seminary of Haeinsa Buddhist Monastery in South Korea on July 25-26. The topics were:

1. Three Kinds of Enlightenment
2. Dependent Arising
3. Emptiness and Nirvana
4. What Is Buddha-Nature?

Dr. Hong had an interview on his recently published Korean-language book, Buddhist Philosophy Taught at Minnesota State University Moorhead, with the reporters of six major daily newspapers in South Korea on July 30. These newspapers published articles on his book for the first and second weeks of August.

On July 30, Dr. Hong gave a public lecture to 200 audience members in a hall of Buddhist Broadcasting Services (BBS TV). The recorded lecture will be posted on YouTube: “Dependent Arising – the Buddha’s Enlightenment”

Dr. Hong also had an interview at the radio station of BBS on July 31. It was aired on August 2.