The Graduate Program Consortium for Concurrent Enrollment Instructors Workgroup was formed in response to the Academic and Student Affairs division proposal for Collaboration Funding for Multi-Campus Collaborations. This consortium was awarded funds and is charged with designing and delivering a strategic rollout of predominately online graduate courses across several disciplines to meet the recently clarified expectations from the HLC for minimum faculty qualifications for concurrent enrollment instructors.

As such, the Graduate Program Consortium for Concurrent Enrollment Instructors Workgroup (COLLAB Workgroup) invites proposals from faculty for the following: 

  • Graduate Course creation: for the online delivery of new courses; courses requiring labs may be offered as hybrid but may include no more than two face to face requirements.
  • Graduate Course modification: for the modification of existing courses to meet the minimum requirements of our two-year colleges (e.g., modifying a pedagogically-oriented math course to be primarily [>50%] content is specific to the discipline/credential field in which the course is to be marketed and offered)
  • Graduate Course conversion: for adapting a face-to-face course for online or hybrid (for courses requiring labs) delivery.

Courses in the following disciplines are especially encouraged: 
Mathematics, English, Spanish, Psychology, Biology, Communications, Chemistry, Political Science, Economics, History, Physics, Sociology and Business. Other disciplines will be considered but preference will be given to disciplines that are underrepresented currently, including Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Mathematics, Art, Music and Health. 

***See attachment for more details of submission deadlines and timelines.