How to change your major

Have you decided to change your major? Follow these steps to change your major, change your advisor, add a minor, etc.

  1. Print off the Major/Minor/Advisor Change Form via the Registrar’s Office website or pick up the form at the Academic Support Center (Flora Frick 154).
  2. Fill out the information at the top of the form (i.e., Name, Date, Star ID and Email).
  3. Select the appropriate topic for which you are wanting to change (i.e., Add/Change Major, Add/Change Minor, Add/Change Certificate, Add/Change Advisor).
  4. Receive appropriate signatures if you are adding/changing your major or adding/changing your advisor.
  5. You sign and date the form. Submit it to the Registrar’s Office (Owens Hall 104).
  6. Allow 5-7 business days for processing. Check your Degree Audit Report via eServices to confirm form has been processed.