Friday, March 23 | 4 p.m. | CMU 203

Two students, Chipochashe Mukori and Matida Manneh, were selected to represent MSUM at the 20th Annual Africa Business Conference at Harvard University. The conference was hosted by the Harvard School of Business and the conference brought various African leaders from different parts of the world together. This gave attendees the opportunity to converse about the amazing opportunities and developments happening in Africa. They also discussed how individuals, businesses, and the continent at large engage within the global ecosystem.

The trip was made possible through the support of African Student Union, SABC, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

African Student Union President, Nuela Enebechi, stated that “as a student leader, I know MSUM’s purpose is to transform the world by transforming lives. Without MSUM’s support these future leaders would not have been able to attend this conference. I believe that this conference will enable them to enrich the lives of others on campus and their impact people within their community. I think it was great that we were able to have ASU represent and be the diverse face of MSUM.”

Chipochashe Muroki, a junior majoring in Accounting and Finance, and conference attendee, spoke of her experience. “My plan is to take on a role that enables me to create opportunities for other African students on campus through African Student Union (ASU) and foster students in achieving their entrepreneurial aspirations. I would also be very happy if I played a huge role in making it possible for other students to attend the business conference in future years.”

Matida Manneh a junior majoring in Healthcare Administration shared, “We have been privileged to receive education, however, it will be hard to continue on the path of success without reflecting back on those left behind unprivileged with no or little hopes. With resilience and cooperation, we can revive and improve quality of lives of people living in Africa. All the sessions were quite inspiring and motivating. The conference has given me the driving force to start working on my own initiative, as a way of giving back to Africa. The knowledge I gained from the conference will be used to inspire my fellow African students through advocacy programs which I intend to use as a platform to discuss on-going problems in Africa. ”

This Friday, March 23 at 4 p.m., ASU plans on hosting a Harvard Conference Review located in CMU 203. This will enable the attendees of the conference to share more information about their experience and enlighten other students who are interested in attending the conference in the future and learning how they can bring about positive change in Africa.