Our campus will be deploying a service that is being required system wide known as Minnesota State Internet Guardian. This service will help to protect us from internet threats by stopping malicious links, phishing links and other malicious software from reaching their intended destinations.

When will this service be deployed? This service will be deployed on January 29, 2018 after several campus groups have time to receive communications on the service.

Where can I expect this service to help protect me when I am browsing on my computer? The initial phase of this service will be active on all MSUM campus networks. During the second phase, a client will be deployed to campus owned computers to protect them while off the campus networks.

How will I know that a website I am trying to view is being blocked to protect me? You will receive Minnesota State branded webpage with a notice that the page is being blocked. This page will also have information to contact the helpdesk if you feel the page shouldn’t be blocked.

What if I have further questions about this service? You will find frequently asked questions at https://www.mnstate.edu/IT/internetguardian. You can also contact the helpdesk and they will assist you with your questions.

MSUM IT Helpdesk
Livingston Lord Library LI114