To celebrate the impressive number of Dragons working around the F-M community, the MSUM Alumni Foundation brought donuts to another area business.

In August, President Anne Blackhurst, Ok-Hee Lee, Shireen Alemadi, Gina Monson, Ashley Quinn, and Meghan Feir visited the Moorhead Public School System to bring donuts and swag to the hundreds of MPSS employees tied to MSUM.

From its inception, MSUM has been an educational leader in the community, training students to become educators. For many Dragons, teaching has become a family trade that continues to inspire younger generations to help and teach the world around them.

Janelle Frost-Geiser ’87 (history education), a social studies teacher, is a Dragon and the mother of three MSUM students. Each of her daughters has followed her in their plans to become teachers of art, history and mathematics.

“I started out as a mass comm student and worked at the radio station at the union for awhile, which was fun, but I eventually realized I loved education and went into history,” Frost-Geiser said. “I student-taught here at Moorhead High School and eventually came back here to work in 1990.”

As Dragons came up to the MSUM table to visit and get a sweet treat, one statement heard time and again was how meaningful their experiences were at MSUM.

David George ’14 (elementary inclusive education), a fourth-grade teacher, said the energy and open spirit was always palpable on campus.

“I’m proud to be a Dragon because they really made you feel at home,” George said. “You came to campus and felt the energy every day,” George said. “It was bright and positive. You felt like a family with everyone you were taking classes with, and I just really loved my experience there.”