Adobe Connect available for students

MSUM Students: We are excited to inform you that Minnesota State has contracted with Adobe Connect, and you as MSUM students have full access to its many features. Adobe Connect is a web conferencing software that supports online meetings and collaborations, virtual classrooms, break-out groups, and large webinars. It is especially valuable for online programs and courses, but provides many opportunities for those working on campus as well. Here are some ideas of how you might find it useful:

  • Collaborate with colleagues at other institutions or businesses.
  • Allow groups to work on team projects, even if you are not all on campus at the same time.
  • Deliver virtual presentation to a remote audience.
  • Attend an instructor’s virtual office hours.

What this means for you:

What (I think) is Great about Adobe Connect:

  • ZERO cost to MSUM, so we don’t have to divert precious resources from anywhere else.
  • Allows student accounts so you can initiate your own collaborations and work sessions.
  • Functions well at low band width – important for when you are at those locations with sketchy service!
  • No software installation needed, so enter the classroom immediately and without a hassle.
  • Many robust and intuitive features.

I’m Convinced! What should I do next?

  • Go to to access Minnesota State’s new web conferencing service.
  • Check out this Video Overview  of how to access Minnesota State’s web conferencing service portal.  Additional support materials are available when you login to the service.
  • Contact the ITS Service Desk if you have a question or need assistance. Please submit a ticket for Minnesota State’s web conferencing service, powered by Adobe Connect Meetings.
  • If you would like a guided tour to familiarize yourself with this service, register for one of the sessions scheduled in August and September. Additional opportunities will be scheduled for the fall and spring terms.

Thanks for your patience as we navigate through this change and update all of our websites! Please know that our goal is to ensure that our faculty, staff, and students have great experiences with technologies that facilitate teaching, learning, advising, and collaborating.

Warm regards,
Julie Zaloudek
Dean of Online and Extended Learning

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