With the continued work on changing the name from MNSCU to MinnState, here are some applications and services that are currently affected and some in the future. 

Email addresses already changed:

The firstname.lastname@mnscu.edu have already changed to firstname.lastname@minnstate.edu and you should change any address books contacts, any contact groups or office documents. Both addresses are still working currently but the old addresses will stop working in early November.

Web Addresses:

A majority of the mnscu.edu web pages have migrated to MinnState.edu and they will continue to work on the remaining webpages. Those that have already migrated will continue to work at both as MinnState.edu and MNSCU.edu addresses and there is no current deadline to discontinue the MNSCU.edu web addresses.

StarID Self-Service:

The StarID Self-Service portal has already been migrated and will continue to work at both the https://starid.mnscu.edu and https://starid.minnstate.edu until October 1, 2017. Please update your bookmarks, webpages and documents before that date.


MSUM’s D2L web address will change from https://mnstate.ims.mnscu.edu to https://mnstate.ims.minnstate.edu on December 27, 2017. The old web address will redirect to the new address starting on that date for 30 days. The MSUM IT office will make the appropriate changes to the main current student’s webpages on that date. Additional reminders will be advertised 2 weeks prior to that date since this will affect a large number on our campus. Please review with your department on how this may impact your continued work with students so you are prepared for this change.

MOVEit Securely:

The MOVEit Securely web application will have its web address change on September 12, 2017 from https://moveitsecurely.mnscu.edu to https://securefileshare.minnstate.edu. Both web addresses will work until November 2, 2017. Please mark your calendar for this change to occur.

Other applications that are still in the planning stages:

  • EPM11
  • ISRS related applications
  • Bomgar
  • Program Navigator
  • iSeek/Careerwise
  • SendMail
  • Shibboleth Identity Provider
  • EMS Calendaring

Please contact the MSUM IT Help Desk with questions.