DragonCentral has been updated and now has a new look that is more mobile device friendly. Check it out at www.mnstate.edu/dragoncentral!

Our service provider will continue to push out updates as they work to refine this new user experience. All information and functions should have remained, but will be located in a different spot. Some items to note:

  1. The primary web address to promote DragonCentral is www.mnstate.edu/dragoncentral. This will automatically redirect you to the actual website homepage, which has now changed. Please update your bookmarks and website references to the new website address structure, https://mnstate.campuslabs.com/engage/.
  2. The site now has an “Explore” section, geared for those looking to explore how to get involved, and a “Manage” section, geared for those who manage a page/events/etc. For those that manage a page, to make updates, add events, update roster information, create forms, etc., you will now do this through the “Manage” or “Action Center” portion of the site. To switch to the “Manage” section, click on the ::: icon in the top right and select “Manage.” You can then click on or search for your organization and you’ll find a left menu bar (swipe right on a mobile device) with the different areas for you to manage, including adding events, news, documents, roster updates, etc. See attached document for a visual.
  3. If you click on your picture or the round circle with your initial on the top right (or swipe left on a mobile device), you’ll see the menu bar that used to be under the “My Involvement” section. This section includes a listing of organization involvement, the ability to log service hours, the ability to add experiences, and the ability to print off one’s Involvement Report. This is also where you will find the Sign-Out button.
  4. To completely sign-out of the site, please make sure you close your browser after clicking the sign-out button.

Our service provider is working to fix glitches in the site following the update. If you have questions please contact Steve Fox (fox@mnstate.edu) in the Office of Student Activities, CMU 113.