On Friday, April 14, the Women’s Center (154 Bridges) will be closed as Dana Bisignani (the new Women’s Center Coordinator) and other ODI staff inventory the supplies, resources, and technology currently housed in the space with an eye toward what may need to be donated, discarded, or replaced. 

Students and faculty are invited to drop by the Center this week and provide feedback on what they’d like to see in the Center in the future, as well as items they would like to see kept. Visitors can also contribute their ideas via the brainstorming sheets posted to the Coordinator’s door. This fresh start anticipates further updates and changes to the Center—a collective re-imagining of the resource that will be made with the input of MSUM students, faculty, and staff later in the month.

Unable to come by the Center but have ideas for the space you’d like to share? Contact Dana at dana.bisignani@mnstate.edu or 218-477-4973.