Firefox 52 update removes plugins

Starting March 7, 2017, Mozilla, the maker of the popular internet browser Firefox will start releasing version 52 of their Firefox browser. This update includes the discontinuation of many browser plugins that have been popular including Java and Silverlight. Over the last year, many of the companies that created those plugins have been advertising their end of life. The MSUM IT office will be pushing that Firefox version soon after its release to all the MSUM campus computers. With those plugins disabled, you may find you have some sites that will not work. Please contact the MSUM IT Helpdesk if you need assistance with a webpage that is not working correctly. 

What will my experience be after the upgrade? You will see that the vast majority of web pages will work without issues. Some older webpages that require plugins like Java and Silverlight will stop working.

What if I have an older webpage that is needed this semester? Most computers will still have a browser that can be used. On the Windows computers Internet Explorer is still has the plugins like Java that can be used. On the Apple computer Safari will allow the sites to work.

MSUM IT Helpdesk
Livingston Lord Library Room 122