In addition to email notifications for course events sent from D2L Brightspace courses, text notifications to mobile devices are now available for all users.


  • Students must opt-in to receive text alerts by setting up mobile notifications in D2L Brightspace. Follow the steps outlined in the setup guide ( to opt-in to text message notifications.
  • Notifications are used to alert users that a specific event has taken place in one of their courses, based on the events the individual selects. Notifications are not automatic; they are events within a course that must be subscribed-to. Since notifications do not cover all course events and instructor communications it is still imperative that students log into and check their student email accounts and D2L course announcements on each course’s homepage on a daily basis. Mobile notifications do not replace the need to check these two items, but rather, are simply one additional method users can choose to receive information on specific course events.
  • Additionally, standard text charges apply to all text notifications received from D2L BrightSpace. Students who do not have unlimited texting service included with their phone plans may choose not to opt-in to this service due to the potential additional cost.

In order for users to opt-in to text notifications sent to their mobile device, some set-up under the Notifications area of the individual user’s account is required. (Again, this is an “opt-in” service only and may not be made mandatory by an instructor due to potential mobile data costs for students to receive texts. Notifications will not be sent to any user who has not opted-in by setting up their notifications settings.) This service is available to Faculty, Staff & Students who use D2L Brightspace.

If you need help setting this up or have questions, please contact or call 218-477-2603.