MSUM Physics & Astronomy Seminar Series Presents: Senior Project Proposals

Friday, Feb. 17 | 3 p.m. | 325 Hagen Hall

Students who will be working on their Senior Projects this Fall will present their proposals for their senior projects. They include: 


Computationally Modeling the Prometheus Effect by Erin Aadland

I will be computationally modeling the Prometheus Effect in Saturn’s F-Ring and comparing my model to observations taken of the rippling effect from the Cassini mission.


Modeling the orbit of asteroid 2005YU55 by Andrew Block

This project will attempt to model the orbit of asteroid 2005 YU55. Once a model is obtained, I will compared my results to the accepted results.


The Effects of Bernoulli’s Principle on Disks of Different Area by Zachary Deschene

I propose to measure the force exerted by the pressure difference on a disk levitated using Bernoulli’s principle and determine how that force changes as the surface area of the disk changes.


Analytical modeling of optimal heating solution in a sphere. by Elias Holte

This project entails determining optimal time-dependent external heat profile to raise the temperature of a sphere from one homogeneous temperature to another. Differential equations governing heat conduction will be use to build this model and experimental verification of results will be sought.


​Modeling Galaxy Formation Dependence on Halo Structure by Laura Maixner

I will be discussing simulating galaxy formation with a constant matter density profile and different dark matter density profiles using the Gadget-2 code of cosmological simulations.