A traveling exhibit of 11 panels on Early Moorhead will be opening at the Hjemkmost Center on Tuesday, Dec. 13. The exhibit script was initiated by students in a History 390: Interpretive History course taught by Jayme Joos (Spring 2015) and then completed through a Legacy (Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund) grant awarded to Rinita Dalan and Jayme Joos (Anthropology and Earth Science) that covered additional research and writing by Jayme Joos and copyright permissions for the images. The panels were printed with funds from the Minnesota Historical Society. 

The opening of the Frontier Foundations exhibit will be part of a History Open House at the Hjemkomst Center, from 5:30-8:00 p.m. that will include two other exhibits on the history of Moorhead and Clay County and several scheduled talks. Scheduled events during the open house include the following:

5:30-6:15 — Jayme L. Joos, Creating “Frontier Foundations”

  • Dr. Michael G. Michlovic, The Archaeology of Early Moorhead

6:15-6:36 — Mark Piehl, Guided Tour “Two Photographers: O.E. Flaten and S.P. Wange”

6:35-7:00 — Markus Krueger, Guided Tour “Wet and Dry: Alcohol in Clay County 1871-1937”

7:00-8:00 — The public is welcome to view all exhibits of the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County.

This event is free and open to the public. It is sponsored by MSUM and the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County. The Frontier Foundations exhibit will be at the Hjemkomst Center through the end of January 2017.