Carlos Rene Pacheco’s Work Featured in Art of Planetary Science Exhibition

Professor of Photography Carlos Rene Pacheco will have work featured in the Art of Planetary Science exhibition in conjunction with the 2016 Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting in Pasadena, Calif. from Oct. 16-21. The event brings together scientific minds from the American Astronomical Society’s Division for Planetary Science (DPS) and the European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC), and will be attended by hundreds of scientists and astronomers from all over the world. 

frozen_ravine_72Featuring a blend of art and science, Pacheco will have photographs from an in-progress body of work titled Flatland on display. This series explores the vast, open landscape of the Upper Midwest. In Flatland, Pacheco trains his camera downward, revealing the textures and patterns of the region from various altitudes.

For more information, visit Pacheco’s website.