Student Organization Annual Registration

Attention Student Organization Advisors: 

We would appreciate your help in sharing this message with your organization officers and reminding them to complete the annual registration process and attending the upcoming organization officer meeting:  

Annual Registration Process

All recognized student organizations need to complete the annual student organization registration process ( This process happens each August/September and lets our office know who the current officers and advisors are for your student organization and that your student organization is still active. This year’s process includes three steps:

  1. Updating the “About” section and profile and cover photos on your organization’s DragonCentral page (; login with your StarID and StarID password).
  2. Completing an online registration form on DragonCentral, which will update your membership roster.
  3. Printing a paper form, gaining all your organization officers’ and advisor’s signature, and returning the form to the Office of Student Activities, CMU 113.

On your organization’s DragonCentral page, you will see a blue bar stating “This organization is currently eligible for registration.” Your organization’s President should click the “Register” button and follow the instructions. If your organization President does not see this blue bar, another member in your organization who has administrator rights will need to add your President to the page’s membership roster or please contact the Office of Student Activities in CMU 113 and we can assist you. 

The deadline to complete this process is 4:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 16, 2016. Failing to complete the entire annual registration process by the deadline will result in loss of recognition status. 

Student Organization Officers Meeting

Each student organization needs to send at least one student officer to our upcoming student organization officer meeting. Important updates impacting student organizations, resources our office can provide, the annual registration process, and further training on how to best use your organization’s DragonCentral page will be shared. There are four different options to attend:

The information will be the same for each session; your organization only needs to attend one session. At least one organization officer should attend, but you can certainly send multiple officers. Organization advisors are also welcome to attend. The sessions will take place in a computer lab and space is limited. Please click the RSVP link above and then click the blue RSVP button on the event page on DragonCentral to secure your spot. The location will be listed on the event page once the reservation is finalized. 

Treasurer Meetings

Sandy Schob, our Activities Business Manager, is working to organize student organization Treasurer meetings. All student organization Treasurers will need to attend a session. More information to come shortly.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us in the Office of Student Activities, CMU 113.