International Student Services has been very busy over the summer.

We are finally at full staff after being down one employee for over a year. Our office consists of three full-time employees: Janet Hohenstein, Director; Adrienne Hamann, Assistant Director; and Kelsey Stacken, Admissions & SEVIS. Our office is currently located in CMU 120.

We admitted 539 international students this fall semester and out of 539 we currently have 121 that have arrived on campus. If you see them walking around campus looking lost please say hi or ask if they need assistance! 

We had 417 international students enrolled last fall semester and a total of 75 graduated between fall and spring semesters.

Our office works with the international student population from prospective, recruitment, admissions, international orientation, registration, programming, advising, internship authorization, maintaining immigration regulation laws, through graduation and after for up to two years or more. Please direct all questions and concerns regarding the international student population to our office.