Fargo native Jennifer Jones shares her love of the Fargo-Moorhead community in a recent letter to the editor of the INFORUM. Though she now lives in Anderson, S.C., Jones says she will never think of anywhere but Fargo-Moorhead as her home—a true testament to the kind, caring community we are lucky to be a part of. 

Inforum_5cd4bc02-7671-4967-bb16-84d94cf7272a (4)“In searching for a word to describe the atmosphere in Fargo, I kept coming back to optimistic,” she writes in her letter. “People look they’re in a good mood. They’re approachable, open and warm. There’s a sincerity here that is almost palpable. They don’t ramble off ‘Have a good day’ out of sheer habit. They actually mean it.”

Read Jones’ full letter on inforum.com.