Wednesday, Apr. 15 | 3-3:50 p.m. | Bridges 268
Featuring MSUM students Pratik Dahal and Monica Maus

The Mathematics Undergraduate Seminar Series presents two student presentations by Pratik Dahal and Monica Maus

Pratik Dahal: The Generalized Dido Problem

The generalized Dido problem is considered. The problem deals with the classical isoperimetric inequality which is explained using concepts from the Calculus of Variations. The proof will show that the equality is unique to a circle. Moreover, the problem is generalized to curves in a sphere.

Monica Maus: Hat Puzzles

Hats are a common device in mathematical puzzles. In this presentation, we will explore both competitive and cooperative versions of hat puzzles. We will discuss cases in which someone could correctly guess the color/number of his hat using logic, and other cases where a strategy can be used to increase the chance of someone correctly guess the color of his hat. We will also take a look at Erbert’s version and what an optimal strategy would be for a correct guess, particularly in the case involving three players.