FM Autism Support Group, MSUM SLHS and CAMC worked together on “Faces of Autism” photo shoot

On Saturday, April 11, a new and wonderful collaboration was started on the MSUM campus between the FM Autism Support Group, the Speech Language Hearing Sciences (SLHS) department, and students and faculty from the College of Arts, Media & Communication (CAMC). Three MSUM campus faculty, Rachel Stotts, Meghan Duda and Don Clark, along with 7 photography students and 10 SLHS students volunteered their time and talents to help families with children with Autism have photographs taken. For families with a child or children on the Autism Spectrum professional photographs can be extremely stressful and very distressing for the children. The group of volunteers collaboratively created a stress-free opportunity to have professional photos made for those families. The day was a huge success with 30 children getting their photos taken. Thank you to the students and faculty who volunteered their time and talents to make the event run smoothly. The photographs will be displayed in the 2015 “Faces of Autism” exhibit at the West Acres Mall from April 17th- 26th.


Faces-of-Autism-Photo-Shoot Faces-of-Autism-Photo-Shoot2 Faces-of-Autism-Photo-Shoot3

Faces-of-Autism-Photo-Shoot5 Faces-of-Autism-Photo-Shoot4