Instead of celebrating just Earth Day, we hope to bring environmental awareness to our campus each school day in April, but we can only do this with your help. The purpose of this challenge is to build stronger campus community relationships between all departments and student organizations by challenging groups to participate in Earth Month. We have outlined below levels of engagement; if you choose to participate, please RSVP with your challenge level to help us meet our goal!

How to RSVP
1. Check out the challenge levels under the News section on our website.
2. Respond with “Yes! and pick your challenge level, schedule the challenge for a school day in April by Thursday April 2nd. (Please let us know what day you have chosen.)
3. Execute your challenge during Earth Month.
4. Advertise your challenge on Dragon Digest.

We encourage coordination with other departments or groups as well as competitions!

RSVP emails or questions can go to Liz Overbo, Sustainable Students Association Secretary at or Robyn Oster, Green Dragons Treasurer at

Want help with your challenge idea?
Please invite us to help your group generate or expand ideas, calculate your waste reduction, or help you define your goal.