Our student union renovation project continues to move forward – granted, it’s been a slow moving forward since our architect visit in December as we have been waiting to receive bids from contractors for the project. This Friday is an important day in the life of the project because early bid packages from contractors are due to us that afternoon.

You might be thinking, “So exactly what does that mean?”

The early bid packages include the work to be done related to the mechanical systems, electrical work, masonry (brick and stone), the new elevator, and what is called glazing, which basically means the glass wall. The work included in the early bid packages is a large portion of the project cost, so the bid packages we receive are an early indicator to us if we are within our targeted budget. Other components of the project will be bid at a later date.

We are also in final preparations for the revenue bond sale, which is estimated to take place in late February or early March. The bond sale will provide $4.5 million for the project and is essentially like a mortgage.

Also on Friday, we are beginning the planning process for temporary relocation of some offices during the renovation. The CMU Project Kick-Off Meeting will be the start of that conversation – nothing is moving yet, we just know we need to create a plan so that when May comes demolition and construction can begin without delay. With a plan to address the complexities of a timeline for moving to and occupying temporary locations, we are confident that we can maintain a high level of service and operation to our Dragons.

We are excited for the next steps in our renovation process and we can’t wait for May 4 to arrive!

An artist’s rendering of views of the new addition. Top picture is looking at the addition as if you were standing near the North Library Doors. The bottom pictures is looking at the addition as if you were approaching the Kise Doors.