MSUM Mass Communications Dept. honors longtime photography teacher

By: WDAY Staff Reports , WDAY
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Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) – A special honor for a talented news photographer and teacher.

Thursday, the Mass Communications Department honored longtime photography teacher Reggie Radniecki.

She is retiring from the department, for many years, Reggie was a stand-out news photographer for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Covering the events at Wounded Knee, Minnesota Professional Sports, and notable politicians like Walter Mondale and Eugene McCarthy.

She says the advances in photography don’t always translate into awesome photos.

Regene Radniecki/MSUM Teacher: “Today you can take a thousand pictures in a moment and it doesn’t mean you are a good photographer.”

As a Star-Trib photographer, she traveled to Poland to trace her family’s roots.

Reg grew up and attended a one-room school on Oklee, Minnesota.