MSUM Physics/Astronomy Seminar Series Friday

MSUM Physics/Astronomy Seminar Series Presents:

Git Organized: Introduction to Version Control (part 1 of a two-part series)

By Dr. Matt Craig
Friday, Feb. 7
3 p.m.
325 Hagen Hall

Abstract: git is a tool for keeping track of changes you make to files. Systems like this—called version control or source control systems—were originally developed to keep track of changes made to computer programs. They can be useful outside of that context, though, and are particularly good at managing contributions to a document from several people. This will be a hands-on talk in which we will get an introduction to git and GitHub and will work together to collaboratively edit a document—the title, abstract, and outline of part two of this two-part series.

**If you have a laptop, bring it!