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2013 MSUM Combined Charities Campaign prize winners

Posted on December 09, 2013

156 MSUM employees donated to this year’s campaign! The following contributor’s names were drawn to receive prizes:

Black Draw String Bag (Donated by Comstock Memorial Union): Rand Swenson, Maintenance/Physical Plant

Red Water Bottle (Donated by Comstock Memorial Union): Kenyon Williams, Music

Red Sunglass Clip (Donated by Comstock Memorial Union): Tom Brandau, Cinema Arts & Digital Technologies

Swing Time Clock (Donated by Comstock Memorial Union): Tonya Hansen, Economics

Magic Calculator (Donated by Comstock Memorial Union): Kristian Nelson, Athletics

Dark Grey MSUM Caps (Donated by Admissions): Kathleen Abraham, Presidents Office; Deb Seaburg, University Studies; Layne Anderson, CMU; Kim Mollberg, School of Business

Red MSUM Post-It Dispensers (Donated by Admissions): Chad Kraft, Information Technology; Mary O’Reilly-Seim, Academic Affairs; Jan Atchison, CSIS & Construction Management and Operations Management; Merrie Sue Holtan, Communication Studies

Red Wellness Center Water Bottles (Donated by MSUM Wellness Center): Karla Nelson, Athletics; Jenny Jensen, Library

One Month Free Membership to the Wellness Center (Donated by MSUM Wellness Center): Ananda Shastri, Physics/Astronomy

Black Wellness Center Tank Top (Donated by MSUM Wellness Center): Denise Hudson, Business Office

Grey Wellness Center T-Shirt (Donated by MSUM Wellness Center): Brian Wisenden, Biosciences

Red Yoga Mat (Donated by MSUM Wellness Center): Matthew Kittelson, Athletics

Blue United Way Caps (Donated by UWCC): George Holley, Anthropology/Earth Science; Vicki Riedinger, SLHS; Penny Railing, Institutional Effectiveness; Jeanne Alm, Information Technology

United Way Windshield Scrapers (Donated by UWCC): Carol Halverson, SLHS; Kathy Ness, Library; Matthew Taffe, Athletics; Yvette Underdue Murph, Enrollment Management; Jolene Richardson, Academic Affairs; Coleen Roller, School of Teaching & Learning; David Wahlberg, University Marketing

United Way Pizza Cutters (Donated by UWCC): Sherry Estrem, Student Affairs; Dennis Jacobs, Physics/Astronomy; Bryan Sandy, Athletics

Red MSUM Thermal Mugs (Donated by the President’s Office): Dawn Hammerschmidt, HPE; Jane Melander, Information Technology; Carol Sibley, Library

$10 Gift Cards to the MSUM Bookstore (Donated by MSUM Bookstore): Phyllis May-Machunda, American Multicultural Studies; Gabrielle Smith, General Maintenance Worker

$25 Gift Card to the MSUM Bookstore (Donated by MSUM Bookstore): Deb Radke, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Red and Black MSUM Scarf (Donated by Alumni Foundation): Vanessa Keeler-Johnson, Athletics

Red & Black Drawstring Bag (Donated by Alumni Foundation): Paul Smith, Building Services

Red MSUM Mouse Pad (Donated by Alumni Foundation): Karen Lester, Business Office

Red MSUM Umbrella (Donated by Alumni Foundation): Doug Peters, Athletics

Red MSUM Water Bottles (Donated by Alumni Foundation): Dwayne Montis, Housing & Residential Life; Kelsey Fehl, Athletics

Red MSUM Handle Covers (Donated by Alumni Foundation): Jane Bergland, School of Nursing & Healthcare; Steven Bolduc, Economics; Deb Lien, College of Science Health, and the Environment; Ryan Milner, Athletics

Red MSUM Water Bottle (Donated by Human Resources): Becky Boyle-Jones, Student Activities; Reid Ouse, Athletics

Red Basket (Donated by Alumni Foundation): Daniel Weisse, Athletics

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