The Office of Student Activities is pleased to announce the winners of this month’s dragon pride awards!

Student Leader of the Month: Kevin Struxness, Student Senate President

“Kevin does a lot of work for this school that often goes unnoticed or unrecognized. As the representative of the student body, he is constantly working with all aspects of campus, often without students not even knowing who he is.”

Honorable mentions: Joel Kromer, Adam Lyon, Katelynn Vickers, Holly Hoeschen

Student Organization Advisor of the Month: Erdenebaatar Chadraa, Actuarial Science Club

“Many students would say he deserves this honor of being Student Advisor of the Month because of his drive with the students despite just coming to MSUM last year. He has become the most involved professor in the Math department and more involved with students than any other professor I have had the pleasure to be taught from.”

Student Organization of the Month: Nepali Students Association

We recently organized Nepal Night. It’s an annual cultural show so it helped in bringing Nepali people in the community closer, helping them experience a night home away from home. The event also promoted cultural diversity.”

Honorable mentions: STLF, Ad Club

Student Volunteer of the Month: Danielle Rebel – 146 volunteer hours!

Nominate a student, organization, or advisor by the last Wednesday of every month by going to the Office of Student Activities website! Thanks to everyone who participated!