Registration for the Spring 2014 semester is scheduled from Oct. 28 through Nov. 12. During this time, currently enrolled or returning students have an opportunity to register before new students. Registration proceeds according to the number of semester hours individual students have completed. Students with more earned semester hours are allowed to register earlier than students with less semester hours.

  • Graduate students and students with previously earned bachelor degrees are eligible to register on the Web beginning at 8 a.m. Oct. 28.
  • Currently enrolled or readmitted undergraduate students register in windows based on the number of semester hours of credit earned prior to the Fall 2013 semester according to the schedule below. Please check e-services for the specific time you are eligible to register.
    IMPORTANT: Spring Advising begins Oct. 7. You are required to meet with your advisor to obtain your access code before you can register.
  • Open registration begins on Nov. 13. At that time, all registration windows are open. New freshmen will register after this date during Dragon Days.Registration Windows
    Date Semester Hours Completed
    October 28, 121 and above
    October 29, 111-120
    October 30, 102-110
    October 31, 90-101
    November 1, 81-89
    November 4, 72-80
    November 5, 61-71
    November 6, 50-60
    November 7, 42-49
    November 8, 31-41
    November 11, 19-30
    November 12, 0-18
    November 13, Open Enrollment